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2 years ago

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I am a 30 years old, married and occasional transvestite. One night, while my wife was at work, I decided to get dressed and get into the car. this is not something that dare before identification. I dressed in silk stockings expensive cream-colored denim mini-skirt with black lace top and black knee-high boots with a dark brown wig and makeup. I looked in elephanttube the mirror and I thought I saw a very convincing indeed. I was very nervous at a local wooded area known as Fanny and silent forest. There were two or three cars are neglected. I got the car very nervous and was shaking her ass in the trees as he went, God, it felt good. as I approached the trees, two men emerged from the woods and stopped and looked me up and down. One man was very powerful elephanttube in search 6foot 4 and had elephanttube a shaved head and the appearance of the keepers. The bald man approached me and it was very close upbehind put my arm around me. the waist and turned toward him. kissed herfully on the lips and put both hands on my ass and lifted me completely off the ground. He lifted me up so high, his mouth sucking my nipples through my top. then he lifted me over his shoulder and carried me some distance into the woods, where I again got up and pulled the skirt. Then I pulled her panties and sucked my cock very competent, it felt so elephanttube good. i was seconds away from the face and said, good girl, and you hit the ground very hard and I pulled my underwear. from this moment now enjoy wearing it in public whenever I can
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